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About Me

Hi! My name is Zhengxu Tang (唐正旭).

I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan, pursuing a double major in Mathematical Sciences - Operations Research and Modeling and Computer Science. At present, I’m engaged as a research assistant in the Bio-Medical AI Lab, under the guidance of Dr. Liyue Shen. Previously, I worked in the Li Lab, mentored by Dr. Jinxing Li.

Should you share similar interests or consider potential collaboration, please feel free to reach out to me at tangzx@umich.edu. I’d love to engage in discussions and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Academic Background

  • Sep 2022 - Current: University of Michigan
  • Sep 2023 - Current: University of Michigan Bio-Medical AI Lab (Research Assistant)
  • Sep 2020 - June 2022: Michigan State University
  • June 2020 - Aug 2023: Michigan State University Li lab (Research Assistant)

Research Interests

  • AI for Bio-Medical
  • Multimodal representation learning
  • AI for Brain-Computer Interface

My current research focuses on building a foundational multimodal model based on multiple types of medical data, such as medical images, genomics data, EHRs, and so on. I am particularly interested in Multimodal Learning and its applications in the Biomedical field. Human process various modes of information—including sight, sound, smell, and touch—constantly, and this information shapes our cognition and understanding of the world. Everything is interconnected. For this reason, I firmly believe that multimodal deep learning models are the most effective tools for addressing biomedical problems. I am committed to devoting my skills and expertise to this meaningful endeavor, with the aim of contributing to societal well-being.